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Save Search Queries

A search tracking script for BANS users.

This script will save all searches performed by visitors on your BANS sites. By using php's cURL function, the script inserts all searches from all your BANS sites into a single central database, allowing you to view all searches in one place, and to search and sort easily. Your server must have php's cURL function enabled to use this script — if you're not sure if cURL is available to you, check with your hosting company.

The zipped file you will download contains 3 files: a README, a file that you will edit and upload, and a file that you will edit and then copy-and-paste into your BANS index.php file. That third step, pasting a bit of code in your BANS index.php file, is the only step required to save searches from additional BANS sites.

The README contains complete instructions for creating your database and editing the files.

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I Sold What
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