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eBay Item Sold ePN Report Tracker Version 2

See your eBay transactions, with images and clickable links to the items sold and items bid on. Now revised and updated to display all the information in eBay's full transaction download report, including items bid on, and calculates the difference (in days) from click to event. Also, no longer reports commissions, as they no longer exist as such.

You're welcome to use the report tracker here on this site as much as you wish, or you can download it to use on your own server. We do not save any of your information in any way. You can click the "Kill session" link at right to remove all traces of it.

You must choose "Download all events" and use the text file transaction download from eBay.


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   Action Type
   Click Time
   Event Date
   Sale Price
   eBay Revenue
   Campaign Name

Show extra item info: Yes    No
Show thumbnail image: Yes    No   (Show item info must also be "Yes")
NOTE: This script will run much faster without the extra item info and images.

Provided as a free service to eBay affiliates by Tropical Web Works


  1. In your ePN account, go to the Reports tag and choose Transaction Download.
  2. Select "Download all events"
  3. Select the specific eBay Program (eBay US, etc.)
  4. Click the "Download Text File" button and save that file to your computer.
  5. On this page, click the file button and use the browse dialog box to find and select that downloaded file.
  6. Click the "Upload" button to upload that file and see your report.

You must choose "Download all events" and "Download Text File." "Download only events for which I will receive earnings" will not work. Nor will "Download Excel File."

Additional Notes:
The transaction download reports from ePN apparently reflect corrected transaction information, and may not match your online reports exactly.

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