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New! Quality Click Tracking

  • If you use phpBay Pro, you can gain valuable information about your sites' click performance by using our Quality Click Tracking script to track all your outgoing phpBay clicks to eBay!

QCT works hand-in-hand with your phpBay Pro sites (both WordPress and API versions) to record all click-throughs from phpBay to eBay. One installation of QCT will record clicks for all your sites in one database, even if your sites are hosted on multiple servers.

QCT records the date & time of each click, the domain and referring page the click came from, the CampaignID and CustomID, the name of the item the visitor clicked to, the eBay country site of the click, and the IP address and hostname of the visitor who clicked.

QCT offers a variety of reports on your click data, including a complete list of clicks for the current day and the previous day ("yesterday"), a breakdown of clicks by Site, CampaignID, CustomID, and Country for the current day and previous day. The current day and previous day reports include links to the actual item on eBay, so you can easily see what item the person clicked to, and links the IP address to an IP lookup, so you can easily check on the location of the visitor for any click. QCT also provides several aggregate reports, including total clicks by site, by referring page, and by CustomID.

The "Clicks Per Day" report gives you your daily click count for the past 60 days -- for all your sites or for any individual site. This report also gives you the average daily number of clicks for the past 60 days (in total or for an individual site), making it easier for you to decide if or when to assign a site its own CampaignID.

eBay April 2011 Category Changes

Campaign Performance Report

You can easily dump all your ePN campaign reports into a database and generate more and better numbers than ePN gives you. We don't offer the pretty graphs that you get in your ePN account, but we give you click-through rate, average sale price per purchase, GMB per bid, and other useful information that ePN's raw numbers don't provide.

Our "Sold Items" ePN Report Tracker for eBay affiliates

If you find our tools useful, we appreciate donations.

eBay affiliates know it's a hassle to find out what items sold on eBay through their affiliate links and campaigns. You have to download the transaction report from your ePN affiliate account, open it, find the "Item ID" field, copy the Item ID number, go to your browser, go to ebay.com, and paste the Item ID into the search box and hit enter. And go get a cup of coffee while eBay's slow system loads up that listing.

For each item that was sold, you have to perform all those steps just to find out what the item was. Or what category it was in. Or who the buyer or seller was. Or how many bids it had when the auction ended.

You've probably muttered to yourself, "There's got to be a better way!" There is....!

Use our convenient Item Sold ePN Report Tracker to see what your campaigns have sold on eBay. You get thumbnail images of the item, price, eBay's revenue, and category, plus clickable links to the actual item listing on eBay. You can even download this free script to use on your own server.

Easy eBay Categories

Do you get tired of eBay's cumbersome method of finding category numbers for your eBay affiliate campaigns? Try our Easy eBay Categories tool. It's free! We also have eBay Motors Categories available.

Save BANS Search Queries

BANS Users — you know that people use your search form on your sites. Do you want to know what people are searching for? Do you want all your search queries from all your BANS sites in one central database, so that you can search and sort everything in one place?

Try our Save Search Queries script.

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